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Rach, S. F.; Herdtweck, E.; Kuhn, F. E. 
A straightforward synthesis of cationic nitrile ligated transition metal complexes with the B(C6F5)(4) (-) anion 
Nitrile ligated transition metal complexes bearing polyfluorinated tetra(aryl) borates as counter anions are highly active initiators/mediators for various polymerization reactions. However, the methods for their preparation are still far too inefficient for widespread use in applied research or in industry. Accordingly, an improved synthesis for two of the most promising species in this assemblage of complexes, namely [Cu(C6H5CN)(5)][B(C6F5)(4)](2) and [Zn(CH3CN)(4/6)][B(C6F5)(4)](2), has been...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 756NN Times Cited: 1 Cited Reference Count: 58 Rach, Silvana F. Herdtweck, Eberhardt Kuehn, Fritz E. Kuhn, Fritz/A-3113-2010 International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) S. F. R. thanks the International Graduate School of Science and Engineering (IGSSE) for a Ph.D grant. E. H. thanks Dr. Bernhard Wahl for his assistance during the X-ray experiments. 1 Elsevier science sa Lausanne 
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Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 
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