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Etchegaray Bello, Margarita; Engelhardt, Ralf; Drechsler, Klaus 
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Dataset for cyclic compaction-recovery behavior of CF/epoxy/8552 multilayer samples 
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FER Fertigungstechnik; MAS Maschinenbau; WER Werkstoffwissenschaften 
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Experimente und Beobachtungen / experiments and observations 
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Tabellen / tables 
The data set comprises the results of an experiment set for analyzing the compaction behavior of multilayer thermoset prepreg samples (HexPly 8552) and their reaction during recovery for Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) applications. A cyclic compaction program simulating AFP conditions was performed with a rheometer. The manipulated variables were: temperature, pressure, number of plies (16, 24, 32), ply configuration (UD and CP), and tape type (ST and SL). All experiments were repeated three times. The naming format of the files is specified as follows: < ply configuration> _< number of plies> _< tape type> _T< temperature in ºC> _P0_< pressure in Pa 10^5> _< repetition number> 
Method of data assessment:
The studied material was uncured thermoset prepreg 8552/AS4 for all standard (ST) experiments and Hexply 8552/IM7 for the slit tape (SL) experiments. The prepreg roll was cut into smaller sections and then piled up depending on the number of plies (16, 24, or 32) and the ply configuration. Two configurations were studied: unidirectional (UD) and cross-ply (CP). The stacked laminates were then cut with a digital cutting system (Zünd M-1200 CV) into pieces of 20x20 mm. A similar procedure was foll...    »
Key words:
AFP; prepreg; consolidation; thermoset 
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