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Tromp, M.; Dent, A. J.; Headspith, J.; Easun, T. L.; Sun, X. Z.; George, M. W.; Mathon, O.; Smolentsev, G.; Hamilton, M. L.; Evans, J. 
Energy Dispersive XAFS: Characterization of Electronically Excited States of Copper(I) Complexes 
Energy dispersive X-ray absorption spectroscopy (ED-XAS), in which the whole XAS spectrum is acquired simultaneously, has been applied to reduce the real-time for acquisition of spectra of photoinduced excited states by using a germanium microstrip detector gated around one X-ray bunch of the ESRF (100 ps). Cu K-edge XAS was used to investigate the MLCT states of [Cu(dmp)(2)](+) (dmp =2,9-dimethyl-1,10-phenanthroline) and [Cu(dbtmp)(2)](+) (dbtmp =2,9-di-n-butyl-3,4,7,8-tetramethyl-1,10-phenanth...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 171FQ Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 41 Tromp, Moniek Dent, Andrew J. Headspith, Jon Easun, Timothy L. Sun, Xue-Zhong George, Michael W. Mathon, Olivier Smolentsev, Grigory Hamilton, Michelle L. Evans, John Epsrc [ep/i01974x/1, ep/e060404/1]; esrf [ch2849]; snf [200021_135226] We thank EPSRC for funding (EP/I01974X/1) and access to the RCaHfacilities. The ESRF is gratefully acknowledged for beamtime under project CH2849. M.T. gratefully acknowledges the EPSRC...    »
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Journal of Physical Chemistry B 
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