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Liu, Y. F.; Hinrichsen, O. 
Numerical Simulation of Tube Erosion in a Bubbling Fluidized Bed with a Dense Tube Bundle 
Tube erosion in a bubbling fluidized bed is numerically studied using the Eulerian-Eulerian method coupled with a monolayer kinetic energy dissipation model. The hydrodynamical simulations are performed under conditions with three different superficial gas velocities. The time-averaged bubble frequency and bubble rise velocity are calculated to characterize the bed hydrodynamics. The erosion rates of two target tubes are simulated and the influence of the bubble behaviors on erosion rates is eva...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 112YF Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 31 Liu, Yefei Hinrichsen, Olaf China Scholarship Council; TUM Graduate School Mr. Yefei Liu would like to acknowledge the support provided by China Scholarship Council and TUM Graduate School. Dr. Alberto Passalacqua in Iowa State University is also acknowledged for his advice in solver development. The assistance of Mr. Florian Habla in English revision is appreciated. 0 Wiley-v c h verlag gmbh Weinheim 
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Chemical Engineering & Technology 
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