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Xu, Z. Q.; Zhou, M. D.; Drees, M.; Chaffey-Millar, H.; Herdtweck, E.; Herrmann, W. A.; Kuhn, F. E. 
Mono- and Bis- Methyltrioxorhenium(VII) Complexes with Salen Ligands: Synthesis, Properties, Applications 
Methyltrioxorhenium(VII) (MTO) forms 1:1 (mono-) or/and 2:1 (bis-) complexes with salen ligands, undergoing a hydrogen transfer from a ligand-bound OH-group to a ligand nitrogen atom. Some complexes show good stability both in the solid state and in solution, while others must be kept at low temperatures under an argon atmosphere. X-ray crystallography shows distorted trigonal bipyramidal structures of all examined complexes in the solid state, this structure being due to the steric demands of t...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 472ND Times Cited: 11 Cited Reference Count: 74 Xu, Zhaoqing Zhou, Ming-Dong Drees, Markus Chaffey-Millar, Hugh Herdtweck, Eberhardt Herrmann, Wolfgang A. Kuehn, Fritz E. Kuhn, Fritz/A-3113-2010; Drees, Markus/A-3086-2010; Herrmann, Wolfgang/A-3588-2010 Alexander von Humboldt foundation; International Graduate School of Science and Engineering Z.X. and H.C.-M. thank the Alexander von Humboldt foundation for postdoctoral fellowships; M.-D.Z. acknowledges the Interna...    »
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Inorganic Chemistry 
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