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Vandersickel, A.; Aboueldahab, A.; Spliethoff, H. 
Small-scale pumped heat electricity storage for decentralised combined heat and power generation: cost optimal design and operation 
Decentralised rural electrification by means of renewable energy present a challenge to electricity storage devices. Currently used lead-acid batteries have low lifetime and are a threat to human health and environment. Using environmentally friendly and long-lasting materials, a Pumped Heat Energy Storage could offer a valuable alternative to these batteries. In this paper, a Pumped Heat Energy Storage is therefore analysed with respect to its potential as a combined heat and power storage...    »
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Proceedings of ecos 2016 - the 29th international conference on efficiency, cost, optimization, simulation and environmental impact of energy systems june 19-23, 2016, portorož, slovenia 
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Lehrstuhl für Energiesysteme