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Documents - Landtechnik Weihenstephan


Maintenance unit: Chair of Agricultural Engineering (Prof. em. Dr. H. Auernhammer, TUM Emeritus of Excellence) at the School of Life Sciences Weihenstephan, Technische Universität München..

Content: Documents are classified into the following chapters. Activating the included links the available objects will be listed allowing a direct access to the required object. When full paper is available and if Copyright is given download can be activated.

  Information on AgTecCollection


Present situation: Step-by-step the content of digitized publications will be extended. In parallel a documentation of all activities and information on usage of the collection will be created.

Content: Information about the System mediaTUM and the AgTecCollection as well as statistics on accesses and downloads (as in March, 2018).

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  Research Units


Present situation: Step-by-step the content of digitized documents will be extended. Here special publications from both research units, the Chair of Augricultural Techniologies (Landtechnik Weihenstephan) and the Chair of Agricultural Engineering (Lehrstuhl für Landmaschinen (LTU) Garching) will be presented.

Content: Precausionary of the intended removal of the Chair of Agricultural Technologies to Dürnast all exisiting Activity Reports, Research Papers and documents from the specific Research Programs (DFG-Sonderforschungsbereich 141, Research Association Agrarökosysteme (FAM), Research Association preagro and DFG-Research Unit  IKB-Dürnast) are published. In parallel publicationens from the Lehrstuhl für Landmaschinen (LTU) Garching are available (as in December, 2019)

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  Research and Teaching


Present situation: Step-by-step the content of digitized publications will be extended. Here all dissertations (Ph.D.-Theses), Habilitations, Diploma Theses, Bachelor and Master Theses and Term and Project Papers from the "Landtechnik Weihenstephan" since 1955 will be integrated.

Content: All Doctoral Theses and Habilitations mainly in German, some with no permit for download by the author. Textbooks Agricultural Technologies (in German only). All Term and Project Papers from 1982 - 2007 as well as all Diploma Theses, but not for individual download (as in December, 2019).

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  Technical Publications


Present situation: Mainly publications from spezial research projects and from electronical tractor implement communication should be published. Supplemented by contributions to other research projects.

Content: Known Publications from leading authors of "Landtechnik Weihenstephan". Also there are key publications from the "Special Research Project (SFB 140): Technologies in Cattle Husbandry". Finally there are important publication from "Agricultural Work Scienses" as well as from the definition of the "Agricultural BUS-Systems (LBS and ISOBUS)" (as in December, 2019).

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  Conferences and Congress Papers


Present situation: Original publications with the copyright of the organizers and presentations in PowerPoint will be available. Further in coordination with the public relation center of the former SCHLÜTER-Werke (SCHLÜTER Tractor Company Munich - Freising) the two journal series „Landtechnik von morgen (Agricultural Engineering of tomorrow)“ and „Schlüter - Unternehmer-Seminare (SCHLÜTER Entrepreneur Seminars) have been digitized by the Chair of Agricultural Systems Engeneering and by the team mediaTUM.

Content: The two complete journal series SCHLÜTER Conferences 'Agricultural Technologies of Tomorrow'“ + „SCHLÜTER 'Managament Seminars', all in German only, are available! Also there are PowerPoint Presentations (DE + EN) from national and International Conferences (EN) (as in December, 2019).

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  Prospectus and Company Papers


Present situation: Step-by-step the content of digitized publications will be extended. In particular available prospectus and company reports from the archive of the chair of Agricultural Technologies will be published.

Content: First selected Prospectus and Company papers (as in December, 2019).

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