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Rozman, Jan; Rathkolb, Birgit; Oestereicher, Manuela A; Schütt, Christine; Ravindranath, Aakash Chavan; Leuchtenberger, Stefanie; Sharma, Sapna; Kistler, Martin; Willershäuser, Monja; Brommage, Robert; Meehan, Terrence F; Mason, Jeremy; Haselimashhadi, Hamed; IMPC Consortium; Hough, Tertius; Mallon, Ann-Marie; Wells, Sara; Santos, Luis; Lelliott, Christopher J; White, Jacqueline K; Sorg, Tania; Champy, Marie-France; Bower, Lynette R; Reynolds, Corey L; Flenniken, Ann M; Murray, Stephen A; Nutter...    »
Identification of genetic elements in metabolism by high-throughput mouse phenotyping. 
Metabolic diseases are a worldwide problem but the underlying genetic factors and their relevance to metabolic disease remain incompletely understood. Genome-wide research is needed to characterize so-far unannotated mammalian metabolic genes. Here, we generate and analyze metabolic phenotypic data of 2016 knockout mouse strains under the aegis of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC) and find 974 gene knockouts with strong metabolic phenotypes. 429 of those had no previous link...    »
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Nat Commun 
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Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Immunologie und Hygiene