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Beobachtung der Treffgenauigkeit bei ultraschallgezielten Punktionen von Läsionen in Leber und Pankreas
Translated title:
Focal lesions in liver and pancreas: Diagnostic accuracy of US-guided biopsies
Fatka, Barbara Eva
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Fakultät für Medizin
Lersch, C. (apl. Prof. Dr.)
Lersch, C. (apl. Prof. Dr.); Bartels, H. (Univ.-Prof. Dr.)
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MED Medizin
Organbiopsie; ultraschallgezielte Leberpunktion; ultraschallgezielte Pankreaspunktion; Punktion; Ultraschall-(US) gezielte Punktion
Translated keywords:
biopsy; ultrasound-guided liver biopsy; ultrasound-guided pancreas bipsy; puncture; ultrasound (US-)guided puncture
In dieser Studie sollte die Treffgenauigkeit bei ultraschallgezielten Punktionen von fokalen Gewebsveränderungen in Leber und Pankreas, sowie deren Korrelation mit Läsionsgröße und Eindringtiefe analysiert werden. Von 1994 bis 2001wurden 345 Leberpunktionen (85,8%) und 57 Pankreaspunktionen (14,2%)durchgeführt. Die Trefferquote betrug bei den Leberpunktionen 84,6% und 73,7% bei den Pankreaspunktionen. Bei den Leberpunktionen stieg die Trefferquote mit zunehmender Läsionsgröße signifikant an (p-W...    »
Translated abstract:
The aim of this retrospective Study was to determine the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasonically-guided biopsies of focal liver and pancreatic lesions. During the period of 1994 to 2001 a total of 345 focal livr biopsies (85,8%) and 54 focal pancreas biopsies (14,2%)were carried out in our own department. The accuracy rate was 84,6% for the liver biopsies and 73,7% for the pancreas biopsies. The liver biopsies became significantly more accurate with the increasing size of the lesion. The p-value was 0.0004.For the pancreas biopsies a similar connection could not be demonstrated. The liver biopsies showed a higher accuracy rate with a penetration depth of <=10,0 cm in comparison to a penetration depth of >10 cm. In this case , the p-value was 0.0007. In addition, the following statistical parameters for the liver biopsies were established:the overall sensitivity, specificity and positive and negative predictive values for our findings were 89.8%, 100%, 100% and 48.4%. For pancreas biopsies the following statistical parameters were established: the overall sensitivity, specificity and positive and negative predictive values were 76.4%, 100%, 100% and 13.3%. The diagnostic accuracy of US-guided liver biopsies was 90.7%. For pancreas biopsies the diagnostic accuracy was 77.2%. The study shows, that the diagnostic method of US-guided tissue sampling can supply exact diagnosis in a great number of cases. However, for very small and deeply situated lesions other methods, e.g. CT-guidance or diagnostic laparoscopy, should be used.
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Universitätsbibliothek der TU München
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