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Trujillo-Viera, Jonathan; El-Merahbi, Rabih; Schmidt, Vanessa; Karwen, Till; Loza-Valdes, Angel; Strohmeyer, Akim; Reuter, Saskia; Noh, Minhee; Wit, Magdalena; Hawro, Izabela; Mocek, Sabine; Fey, Christina; Mayer, Alexander E; Löffler, Mona C; Wilhelmi, Ilka; Metzger, Marco; Ishikawa, Eri; Yamasaki, Sho; Rau, Monika; Geier, Andreas; Hankir, Mohammed; Seyfried, Florian; Klingenspor, Martin; Sumara, Grzegorz 
Protein Kinase D2 drives chylomicron-mediated lipid transport in the intestine and promotes obesity 
Abstract Lipids are the most energy-dense components of the diet, and their overconsumption promotes obesity and diabetes. Dietary fat content has been linked to the lipid processing activity by the intestine and its overall capacity to absorb triglycerides (TG). However, the signaling cascades driving intestinal lipid absorption in response to elevated dietary fat are largely unknown. Here, we describe an unexpected role of the protein kinase D2 (PKD2) in lipid homeostasis. We demonstrate that...    »
chylomicron, fat absorption, intestine, obesity, protein kinase D2/PKD2/PRKD2 
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EMBO Molecular Medicine 
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