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Kohnle, M; Pietruck, F; Kribben, A; Philipp, T; Heemann, U; Witzke, O 
Ezetimibe for the treatment of uncontrolled hypercholesterolemia in patients with high-dose statin therapy after renal transplantation. 
We investigated prospectively the efficacy of ezetimibe in addition to statin therapy in stable renal transplant patients in whom hypercholesterolemia was not sufficiently treated. Eighteen renal transplant patients received 10 mg ezetimibe once daily in addition to high-dose statin therapy for uncontrolled hypercholesterolemia. Total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, Tacrolimus (Tac)- and Cyclosporine A (CsA) blood levels, creatinine, urea, liver enzymes, electrolytes and creatinkinase (CK) were measured before initiation of ezetimibe therapy, after 7 days, 6 weeks and 3 months. Cholesterol concentrations decreased significantly (p < 0.005) from 264 +/- 46 mg/dL at baseline to 205 +/- 48 mg/dL after 1 week to 202 +/- 48 mg/dL after 6 weeks and 212 +/- 40 mg/dL after 3 months (reduction after 3 months 21 +/- 10%). LDL-concentrations decreased significantly (p < 0.005) from 178 +/- 41 mg/dL at baseline to 129 +/- 35 mg/dL after 1 week to 123 +/- 25 after 6 weeks and to 117 +/- 40 mg/dL after 3 months (reduction after 3 months 37 +/- 14%). Two patients stopped ezetimibe therapy due to nausea and muscle pain without CK elevation. Significant changes of CsA and Tac blood levels, liver and muscle enzymes were not observed. Ezetimibe seems to be an effective therapy for uncontrolled hypercholesterolemia in renal transplant patients when combined with high-dose statin therapy. 
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Am J Transplant 
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Fachgebiet Nephrologie (Prof. Heemann)