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11063227 16315827 US11063227B2 
Kirsch, P.; Ruhl, A.; Tornow, M.; Bora, A. 
Kirsch, P.; Ruhl, A.; Tornow, M.; Bora, A. 
Electronic switching element 
An electronic switching element is described having, in sequence, a first electrode, a molecular layer bonded to a substrate, and a second electrode. The molecular layer contains compounds of formula I, R1-(A1-Z1)r—B1—(Z2-A2)s-Sp-G, wherein A1, A2, B1, Z1, Z2, Sp, G, r, and s are as defined herein, in which a mesogenic radical is bonded to the substrate via a spacer group, Sp, by means of an anchor group, G. The switching element is suitable for production of components that can operate as a mem...    »
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C09K19/60 Pleochroic dyes 
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