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Luke E Osborn, Keqin Ding, Mark A Hays, Rohit Bose, Mark M Iskarous, Andrei Dragomir, Zied Tayeb, György M Lévay, Christopher L Hunt, Gordon Cheng, Robert S Armiger, Anastasios Bezerianos, Matthew S Fifer and Nitish V Thakor 
Sensory stimulation enhances phantom limb perception and movement decoding 
Objective. A major challenge for controlling a prosthetic arm is communication between the device and the user's phantom limb. We show the ability to enhance phantom limb perception and improve movement decoding through targeted transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation in individuals with an arm amputation. Approach. Transcutaneous nerve stimulation experiments were performed with four participants with arm amputation to map phantom limb perception. We measured myoelectric signals during phan...    »
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Journal of Neural Engineering 
Journal volume:
Vol 17 No 5 
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