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Pfnür, S.; Breitsamter, C. 
Stereo-PIV Measurements of Vortex-Interaction Effects on Generic Delta Wing Planforms 
Low aspect ratio configurations with leading-edge vortex dominated flow exhibit typical flight mechanicsinstabilities like a pitch-up or a roll reversal at medium to high angles of attack. Those are linked to thebursting of leading-edge vortices. An approach that might be able to tackle these instabilities is the intendedtriggering of multiple, interacting leading-edge vortices. Therefore, the system of interacting leading-edgevortices on a double delta wing and a triple delta wing configurati...    »
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620 Ingenieurwissenschaften 
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13th International Symposium on Particle Image Velocimetry – ISPIV 2019 
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July 22-24, 2019