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Przybilla, Leonard; Wiesche, Manuel; Krcmar, Helmut 
The Influence of Agile Practices on Performance in Software Engineering Teams: A Subgroup Perspective 
This research explores the influence of the agile practices daily stand-ups and retrospectives on negative effects of subgroups, i.e. of having several smaller groups within a team, on group conflict, satisfaction, and performance. Based on extant literature in agile software development (ASD) and group research, a model of effects of ASD practices and the constructs elaboration, i.e. direct sharing, of information and team reflexivity, i.e. how much teams reflect on processes and outcomes, is d...    »
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Proceedings of the 2018 ACM SIGMIS Conference on Computers and People Researc 
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Buffalo-Niagara Falls, NY, USA 
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