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Hartung, J.; Mergl, C.; Henneke, C.; Madrid-Dusik, R.; Bubb, H. 
Measuring Soft Tissue Compliance of the Human Thigh: SAE Technical Paper 2004-01-2158 
The lack of measured data is a problem that often occurs when modeling physical human properties. This problem also occurs when trying to describe the human thigh with a finite element model. In this pilot study, an experimental chair was used to gather the required information. Each cushion of the chair consists of 81 pistons. Each piston is controlled individually by a computer. This experimental chair was used in two experiments. In the first experiment, the chair was used to measure the forc...    »
Book / Congress title:
Proceedings of the SAE Conference on Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering Symposium 
SAE International 
Bookseries title:
SAE Technical Paper Series 
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