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Eichwald, Irina; Breitkreutz, Stephan; Ziemys, Grazvydas; Csaba, Gyorgy; Becherer, Markus 
Demonstration of monolithically fabricated 3D Magnetic Computing Devices in perpendicular Nanomagnetic Logic 
Nanomagnetic Logic (NML) is an emerging beyond CMOS technology exploiting field interaction between nano-scaled magnets in order to realize magnetic logic computing devices and circuits. In comparison to the conventional transistor based CMOS technology, NML may offer significant improvements in terms of power consumption and integration densities. Non-volatility, radiation hardness and operation at room temperature are further key features of NML. In perpendicular NML, the magnets possess perpe...    »
Book / Congress title:
4th Annual World Congress of Advanced Materials (WCAM)