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Czupalla, M.; Hager, P.; Pfeiffer, M.; Harder, J.; Dirlich, T. 
An environmentally sensitive dynamic human model for LSS robustness studies with the V-HAB simulation 
The development of efficient and safe Life Support Systems is one of the key drivers of the Global Solar System Exploration efforts. For each task performed by Life Support Systems (LSS) a great multitude of sub-system concepts exist and the challenge is to find the optimal combination of sub-systems for a given mission scenario. On a sub-system level the Equivalent Systems Mass (ESM) trade study approach is well suited to effectively compare sub-system options. On a system level in addition to ESM data time dependent sub-system performances within an overall system must be addressed. Criteria such as system stability, controllability and effectiveness must be considered in order to be able to assess the dynamic robustness of systems designed to the averages. In an effort to establish a dynamic simulation environment for this type of LSS optimizations the “ Virtual Habitat” tool (V-HAB) is being developed at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). This paper introduces the most important part of the Virtual Habitat simulation, which is the human model. 
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Advances in Space Research 
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