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Cuesta, A.; Cabello, G.; Hartl, F. W.; Escudero-Escribano, M.; Vaz-Dominguez, C.; Kibler, L. A.; Osawa, M.; Gutierrez, C. 
Electrooxidation of formic acid on gold: An ATR-SEIRAS study of the role of adsorbed formate 
Formate was found to be the only adsorbed species detected with time-resolved ATR-SEIRAS during the electrooxidation of formic acid on Au in acidic media. No adsorbed CO was detected, since even in CO-saturated acidic solutions the adsorption of CO on gold is negligible. The onset of formic acid electrooxidation coincides with that of formate electroadsorption, pointing to bridge-bonded adsorbed formate as the reaction intermediate. Furthermore, at constant potential the current increases quadra...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 048UX Times Cited: 1 Cited Reference Count: 43 Cuesta, Angel Cabello, Gema Hartl, Fabian W. Escudero-Escribano, Maria Vaz-Dominguez, Cristina Kibler, Ludwig A. Osawa, Masatoshi Gutierrez, Claudio Osawa, Masatoshi/A-5294-2012; Escudero-Escribano, Maria/D-1408-2011; Cuesta, Angel/C-7151-2008 Cuesta, Angel/0000-0003-4243-1848 DGI (Spanish Ministry of Education and Science) [CTQ2009-07017, PLE2009-0008]; Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation; Madrid City Council;...    »
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Catalysis Today 
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