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Yu, Y. Z.; Fonfe, B.; Jentys, A.; Haller, G. L.; van Veen, J. A. R.; Gutierrez, O. Y.; Lercher, J. A. 
Bimetallic Pt-Pd/silica-alumina hydrotreating catalysts. Part II: Structure-activity correlations in the hydrogenation of tetralin in the presence of dibenzothiophene and quinoline 
The catalytic hydrogenation of tetralin in the absence and presence of quinoline and dibenzothiophene was studied on bimetallic Pt-Pd catalysts supported on silica and amorphous silica-alumina (ASA). The proportion of Pt on the surface determined the activity given that the Pt-Pd catalyst with the highest proportion of surface Pt was the most active. In the absence of poisons, the electronegativity of the support correlated with the hydrogenation. In the presence of quinoline, the activity of th...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 983BM Times Cited: 2 Cited Reference Count: 48 Yu, Yanzhe Fonfe, Benjamin Jentys, Andreas Haller, Gary L. van Veen, J. A. Rob Gutierrez, Oliver Y. Lercher, Johannes A. Jentys, Andreas/D-4622-2009 Jentys, Andreas/0000-0001-5877-5042 2 Academic press inc elsevier science San diego 
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Journal of Catalysis 
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