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Vayssilov, G. N.; Petrova, G. P.; Shor, E. A. I.; Nasluzov, V. A.; Shor, A. M.; St Petkov, P.; Rosch, N. 
Reverse hydrogen spillover on and hydrogenation of supported metal clusters: insights from computational model studies 
Reverse'' spillover of hydrogen from hydroxyl groups of the support onto supported transition metal clusters, forming multiply hydrogenated metal species, is an essential aspect of various catalytic systems which comprise small, highly active transition metal particles on a support with a high surface area. We review and analyze the results of our computational model studies related to reverse hydrogen spillover, interpreting available structural and spectral data for the supported species and e...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 919WU Times Cited: 3 Cited Reference Count: 67 Vayssilov, Georgi N. Petrova, Galina P. Shor, Elena A. Ivanova Nasluzov, Vladimir A. Shor, Alexei M. St Petkov, Petko Roesch, Notker Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft; Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; Volkswagen Foundation; Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (Germany); Bulgarian National Science Fund [DCVP 02/1, DCVP 02/2]; BeyondEverest; Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences This work was supported by Deutsche Fo...    »
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Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 
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