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Forster, T.; Schunk, S. A.; Jentys, A.; Lercher, J. A. 
Selective liquid phase oxidation of o-xylene with gaseous oxygen by transition metal containing polysiloxane initiator/catalyst systems 
The selective liquid phase oxidation of o-xylene over hydrophobic porous Co(2+) and Mn(3+) containing polysiloxane catalysts showed that both catalysts had higher activity than the homogeneous benchmark system Co naphthenate. The solid catalyst/initiator systems accelerate the radical initiation and the hydroperoxide decomposition. 2-Methylbenzyl hydroperoxide plays a key role in the reaction network as it is the first observed intermediate and is efficiently decomposed by the catalysts. The sel...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 831CN Times Cited: 4 Cited Reference Count: 37 Foerster, Tobias Schunk, Stephan A. Jentys, Andreas Lercher, Johannes A. Jentys, Andreas/D-4622-2009 Jentys, Andreas/0000-0001-5877-5042 German Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) [03X2007A] The authors thank the German Bundesministerium fur Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) for partial financial support of the presented work (Project No. 03X2007A). We are very grateful to Dipl. Ing. M. Neukamm for conducting AAS...    »
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Journal of Catalysis 
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