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Klieber, Ralf; Ramisch, Roland; Valenzuela, Alejandro A.; Weigel, Robert; Russer, Peter H. 
A Coplanar Transmission Line High-Tc Superconductive Oscillator at 6.5 GHz on a Single Substrate 
The design and construction of a planar, low-noise cryogenic oscillator operating at 6.5 GHz are presented. The oscillator has been built as a hybrid superconductive microwave integrated circuit (SMIC) on a single 10*10 mm LaAlO/sub 3/ substrate. Single-sided, coplanar line structures are used throughout the circuit with YBa/sub 2/Cu/sub 3/O/sub 7- delta / as conductor material. The oscillator was constructed around a GaAs MESFET as the active device. The complete oscillator is cooled by immersi...    »
6.5 GHz, 77 K, active device, barium compounds, coplanar transmission line, GaAs, high-Tc superconductive oscillator, high-temperature superconductors, hybrid integrated circuits, hybrid MIC, LaAlO3 substrate, liquid nitrogen, low-noise cryogenic oscillator, MESFET, microwave integrated circuit, microwave integrated circuits, microwave oscillators, SHF, single substrate, strip line components, superconducting devices, YBa2Cu3O7-ÎŽ, yttrium compounds 
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IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters 
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