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Bornschlegl, A.; Weishaeupl, R.; Boesl, U. 
A new approach for fast, simultaneous NO/NO2 analysis: application of basic features of multiphoton-induced ionization and dissociation of NO(x) 
A new method of simultaneously recording NO and NO2 concentrations in complex gas mixtures is described. This method is based on resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization (REMPI), on time-of-flight mass analysis, and on monitoring the kinetic energy released upon dissociation of NO2. Its benefits are high speed and high flexibility. NO/NO2 analysis can therefore be combined with the simultaneous monitoring of other components. For instance, NH3 is a compound of interest when studying the chemica...    »
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Chemistry Department, Physical Chemistry, Technical University Munich, 85747, Garching, Germany 1618-2642 FIELD Electronic Internat.Standard Doc. Number: Germany: Germany, Federal Republic of Journal; Article; (JOURNAL ARTICLE) 
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Anal Bioanal Chem 
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