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Ihantola, Tuukka; Di Bucchianico, Sebastiano; Happo, Mikko; Ihalainen, Mika; Uski, Oskari; Bauer, Stefanie; Kuuspalo, Kari; Sippula, Olli; Tissari, Jarkko; Oeder, Sebastian; Hartikainen, Anni; Rönkkö, Teemu J; Martikainen, Maria-Viola; Huttunen, Kati; Vartiainen, Petra; Suhonen, Heikki; Kortelainen, Miika; Lamberg, Heikki; Leskinen, Ari; Sklorz, Martin; Michalke, Bernhard; Dilger, Marco; Weiss, Carsten; Dittmar, Gunnar; Beckers, Johannes; Irmler, Martin; Buters, Jeroen; Candeias, Joana; Czech, H...    »
Influence of wood species on toxicity of log-wood stove combustion aerosols: a parallel animal and air-liquid interface cell exposure study on spruce and pine smoke. 
BACKGROUND: Wood combustion emissions have been studied previously either by in vitro or in vivo models using collected particles, yet most studies have neglected gaseous compounds. Furthermore, a more accurate and holistic view of the toxicity of aerosols can be gained with parallel in vitro and in vivo studies using direct exposure methods. Moreover, modern exposure techniques such as air-liquid interface (ALI) exposures enable better assessment of the toxicity of the applied aerosols than, fo...    »
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Part Fibre Toxicol 
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Molekulare Allergologie (Prof. Schmidt-Weber)