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Tian, Weili; Czopka, Tim; López-Schier, Hernán 
Systemic loss of Sarm1 protects Schwann cells from chemotoxicity by delaying axon degeneration. 
Protecting the nervous system from chronic effects of physical and chemical stress is a pressing clinical challenge. The obligate pro-degenerative protein Sarm1 is essential for Wallerian axon degeneration. Thus, blocking Sarm1 function is emerging as a promising neuroprotective strategy with therapeutic relevance. Yet, the conditions that will most benefit from inhibiting Sarm1 remain undefined. Here we combine genome engineering, pharmacology and high-resolution intravital videmicroscopy in ze...    »
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Commun Biol 
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Lehrstuhl für Zellbiologie des Nervensystems (Prof. Misgeld)