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Solbach, Philipp; Chhatwal, Patrick; Woltemate, Sabrina; Tacconelli, Evelina; Buhl, Michael; Autenrieth, Ingo B; Vehreschild, Maria J G T; Jazmati, Nathalie; Gerhard, Markus; Stein-Thoeringer, Christoph K; Rupp, Jan; Ulm, Kurt; Ott, Armin; Lasch, Florian; Koch, Armin; Manns, Michael P; Suerbaum, Sebastian; Bachmann, Oliver 
Microbiota-associated risk factors for C. difficile acquisition in hospitalized patients: A prospective, multicentric study. 
BACKGROUND: Asymptomatic C. difficile colonization is believed to predispose to subsequent C. difficile infection (CDI). While emerging insights into the role of the commensal microbiota in mediating colonization resistance against C. difficile have associated CDI with specific microbial components, corresponding prospectively collected data on colonization with C. difficile are largely unavailable. METHODS: C. difficile status was assessed by GDH EIA and real-time PCR targeting the toxin A (tcd...    »
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Clin Infect Dis 
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Institut für Medizinische Mikrobiologie, Immunologie und Hygiene