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Steel, Dora; Zech, Michael; Zhao, Chen; Barwick, Katy E S; Burke, Derek; Demailly, Diane; Kumar, Kishore R; Zorzi, Giovanna; Nardocci, Nardo; Kaiyrzhanov, Rauan; Wagner, Matias; Iuso, Arcangela; Berutti, Riccardo; Škorvánek, Matej; Necpál, Ján; Davis, Ryan; Wiethoff, Sarah; Mankad, Kshitij; Sudhakar, Sniya; Ferrini, Arianna; Sharma, Suvasini; Kamsteeg, Erik-Jan; Tijssen, Marina A; Verschuuren, Corien; van Egmond, Martje E; Flowers, Joanna M; McEntagart, Meriel; Tucci, Arianna; Coubes, Philippe;...    »
Loss-of-Function Variants in HOPS Complex Genes VPS16 and VPS41 Cause Early Onset Dystonia Associated with Lysosomal Abnormalities. 
OBJECTIVES: The majority of people with suspected genetic dystonia remain undiagnosed after maximal investigation, implying that a number of causative genes have not yet been recognized. We aimed to investigate this paucity of diagnoses. METHODS: We undertook weighted burden analysis of whole-exome sequencing (WES) data from 138 individuals with unresolved generalized dystonia of suspected genetic etiology, followed by additional case-finding from international databases, first for the gene impl...    »
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Ann Neurol 
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617; Institut für Humangenetik; Lehrstuhl für Neurogenetik (Prof. Winkelmann)