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Iturralde, K.; Linner, T.; Bock, T. 
Matching kit interface for building refurbishment processes with 2D modules 
A need exists for faster installation of prefabricated modules in the refurbishment market. Current solutions for installing and fitting prefabricated modules on existing buildings are time consuming. The objective of this research is to reduce the time currently required for the installation of timber-based 2D modules by using innovative technologies while improving placement accuracy. A novel installation concept was proposed based on a digitally produced matching kit interface that corrects e...    »
Horizon 2020:
The research presented in this paper was fully carried out in the context of the H2020 project 448 BERTIM. BERTIM has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and 449 innovation program under grant agreement No 636984. The 
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Automation in Construction 
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