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Pajunen, P; Landgraf, R; Muylle, F; Neumann, A; Lindström, J; Schwarz, PE; Peltonen, M; Acosta, T; Adler, M; Alkerwi, A; Barengo, N; Barengo, R; Boavida, JM; Charlesworth, K; Christov, V; Claussen, B; Cos, X; Cosson, E; Deceukelier, S; Dimitrijevic-Sreckovic, V; Djordjevic, P; Evans, P; Felton, AM; Fischer, M; Gabriel-Sanchez, R; Gilis-Januszewska, A; Goldfracht, M; Gómez, JL; Greaves, CJ; Hall, M; Handke, U; Hauner, H; Herbst, J; Hermanns, N; Herrebrugh, L; Huber, C; Hühmer, U; Huttunen, J; Jot...    »
Quality indicators for the prevention of type 2 diabetes in Europe--IMAGE. 
The marked increase of type 2 diabetes necessitates active development and implementation of efficient prevention programs. A European level action has been taken by launching the IMAGE project to unify and improve the various prevention management concepts, which currently exist within the EU. This report describes the background and the methods used in the development of the IMAGE project quality indicators for diabetes primary prevention programs. It is targeted to the persons responsible for...    »
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Horm Metab Res 
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42 Suppl 1 
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Else Kröner-Fresenius-Zentrum für Ernährungsmedizin - Klinik für Ernährungsmedizin