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Piprek, Patrick; Glas, Franziska; Fang, Xiang; Bessone, Veronica; Johannes}, {Petrat; Bittner, Matthias; Holzapfel, Florian 
Multi-Body Ski Jumper Model with Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion Muscle Control for Trajectory Optimization 
This paper presents an approach to model a ski jumper as a multi-body system for an optimal control application. The modeling is based on the constrained Newton-Euler-Equations. Within this paper the complete multi-body modeling methodology as well as the musculoskeletal modeling is considered. For the musculoskeletal modeling and its incorporation in the optimization model, we choose a nonlinear dynamic inversion control approach. This approach uses the muscle models as...    »
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12th Conference of the International Sports Engineering Association, Brisbane, Queensland 
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Proceedings 2018, 2(6) (MDPI) 
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Scopus; Web of Science