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Schiener, Maximilian; Hilger, Christiane; Eberlein, Bernadette; Pascal, Mariona; Kuehn, Annette; Revets, Dominique; Planchon, Sébastien; Pietsch, Gunilla; Serrano, Pilar; Moreno-Aguilar, Carmen; de la Roca, Federico; Biedermann, Tilo; Darsow, Ulf; Schmidt-Weber, Carsten B; Ollert, Markus; Blank, Simon 
The high molecular weight dipeptidyl peptidase IV Pol d 3 is a major allergen of Polistes dominula venom. 
Hymenoptera venom allergy can cause severe anaphylaxis in untreated patients. Polistes dominula is an important elicitor of venom allergy in Southern Europe as well as in the United States. Due to its increased spreading to more moderate climate zones, Polistes venom allergy is likely to gain importance also in these areas. So far, only few allergens of Polistes dominula venom were identified as basis for component-resolved diagnostics. Therefore, this study aimed to broaden the available panel...    »
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Sci Rep 
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Institut für Molekulare Allergologie