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Zanella, A; Ponge, JF; Jabiol, B; Sartori, G; Kolb, E; Le Bayon, RC; Gobat, JM; Aubert, M; De Waal, R; Van Delft, B; Vacca, A; Serra, G; Chersich, S; Andreetta, A; Kõlli, R; Brun, JJ; Cools, N; Englisch, M; Hager, H; Katzensteiner, K; Brêthes, A; De Nicola, C; Testi, A; Bernier, N; Graefe, U; Wolf, U; Juilleret, J; Garlato, A; Obber, S; Galvan, P; Zampedri, R; Frizzera, L; Tomasi, M; Banas, D; Bureau, F; Tatti, D; Salmon, S; Menardi, R; Fontanella, F; Carra...    »
Terrestrial humus systems and forms – Keys of classification of humus systems and forms 
umé This article is an as simple as possible key of classification of terrestrial (aerobic, not submerged) topsoils (organic and organic-mineral series of soil horizons). Based on the introduction exposed in Humusica 1, article 1, and using vocabulary and definitions listed in article 4, a classification is proposed for better understanding the biological functioning of the soil, partially disclosing the process of litter digestion. Five types of terrestrial topsoils, called terrestrial humus s...    »
humus; humus systems; humus forms; humus classification; Terrestrial humus forms 
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Applied Soil Ecology 
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