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Zanella, A; Ponge, JF; Jabiol, B; Sartori, G; Kolb, E; Gobat, JM; Le Bayon, RC; Aubert, M; De Waal, R; Van Delft, B; Vacca, A; Serra, G; Chersich, S; Andreetta, A; Cools, N; Englisch, M; Hager, H; Katzensteiner, K; Brêthes, A; De Nicola, C; Testi, A; Bernier, N; Graefe, U; Juilleret, J; Banas, D; Garlato, A; Obber, S; Galvan, P; Zampedri, R; Frizzera, L; Tomasi, M; Menardi, R; Fontanella, F; Filoso, C; Dibona, R; Bolzonella, C; Pizzeghello, D; Carletti, P; L...    »
Terrestrial humus systems and forms – Specific terms and diagnostic horizons 
Knowledge of a little number of specific terms is necessary to investigate and describe humipedons. This “new vocabulary” allows individuating and circumscribing particular diagnostic horizons, which are the fundamental bricks of the humipedon. Few “components” defined by specific terms characterize a specific “humipedon horizon”; few “humipedon horizons” compose a given “humus form” and some similar “humus forms” are grouped in a functional “humus system”. In this article, specific terms and h...    »
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Applied Soil Ecology 
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