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Tsukerman, A.; Shima, T.; Weiss, M.; Löbl, David; Holzapfel, Florian 
Integrated guidance-autopilot approach for civil autonomous aerial refueling 
Integrated Guidance-Autopilot design for autonomous mid-air rendezvous for the purpose of civil aerial refueling using Boom-Receptacle system is addressed here. The objective of the Tanker aircraft is to position itself in a predetermined location relative to the Receiver which maintains straight and level flight. The problem is formulated such that the approach kinematics is coupled with the Tanker dynamics in an integrative manner. Inspired by intercept problems, a linear quadratic optimal con...    »
Aerial refueling; Aerospace engineering; Air navigation; Air refueling; Approach angle; Autonomous aerial refueling; Autopilot designs; Integrated guidance; Linear quadratic optimal control problem; Optimal control systems; Quadratic programming; Tanker aircrafts; Tracking (position) 
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IACAS 2016 - 56th Israel Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences 
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