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Spielmanns, Marc; Meier, Andrea; Winkler, Aurelia; Glöckl, Rainer; Nell, Christoph; Koczulla, Andreas Rembert; Boeselt, Tobias; Alter, Peter; Magnet, Friederike; Storre, Jan Hendrik; Windisch, Wolfram 
[Pulmonary Rehabilitation after Acute Exacerbation of COPD Reduces the Rate of Reexacerbations]. 
Objective Acute exacerbation of COPD (AECOPD) provides for patients a significant hazard and is crucial for the prognosis. Data on the effects of pulmonary rehabilitation (PR) on the frequency of reexacerbations after AECOPD are inconsistent. A prospective, case-control study was conducted with the aim of measuring the impact of PR on the frequency of reexacerbations after AECOPD. Patients and Methods A PR was performed in 57 patients with COPD after AECOPD. 30 participants were followed-up after one year and compared to 32 Control-Group (KG = hospitalized for AECOPD without PR). The rate of reexacerbations was both retrospectively in the year preceding the AECOPD, and prospectively in the year after AECOPD analyzed within groups and between groups. Results In the intra group comparison the exacerbation rate was significantly lower in the PR-group in the year after rehabilitation (0.97 ± 2.67 vs. 1.52 ± 1.12; p< 0.001). The intergroup comparison also showed a significantly lower number of exacerbations for the PR-group (0.97 ± 1.52 vs 2.16 ± 1.25; p< 0.001). Conclusion It was shown that the exacerbation rate after an AECOPD could be significantly reduced in the PR-group in comparison to the KG-group during the investigation period of one year by PR. More prospective studies are required to define the value of PR in the context of AECOPD. 
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