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Lee, Gim Hee; Pollefeys, Marc; Fraundorfer, Friedrich 
Relative Pose Estimation for a Multi-camera System with Known Vertical Direction 
In this paper, we present our minimal 4-point and linear 8-point algorithms to estimate the relative pose of a multi-camera system with known vertical directions, i.e. known absolute roll and pitch angles. We solve the minimal 4-point algorithm with the hidden variable resultant method and show that it leads to an 8-degree univariate polynomial that gives up to 8 real solutions. We identify a degenerated case from the linear 8-point algorithm when it is solved with the standard Singular Value De...    »
8-degree univariate polynomial, Cameras, degenerated case, Estimation, estimation theory, Generalized Camera, hidden variable resultant method, known absolute roll, Known Vertical Direction, linear 8-point algorithm, Mathematical model, minimal 4-point algorithm, Minimal Problem, multicamera system, Multi-Camera System, pitch angles, Polynomials, pose estimation, {RANSAC}, relative pose estimation, robust estimation, Robustness, singular value decomposition, Standards, standard singular value de...    »
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Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition ({CVPR}) 
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