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Simon, GH; von Vopelius-Feldt, J; Fu, Y; Schlegel, J; Pinotek, G; Wendland, MF; Chen, MH; Daldrup-Link, HE 
Ultrasmall supraparamagnetic iron oxide-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of antigen-induced arthritis: a comparative study between SHU 555 C, ferumoxtran-10, and ferumoxytol. 
OBJECTIVES: We sought to compare the ability of 3 ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxides (USPIOs) to detect and characterize antigen-induced arthritis with MR imaging. MATERIALS AND METHODS: A monoarthritis was induced in the right knee of 18 rats. The left knee served as a normal control. Knees underwent magnetic resonance (MR) imaging before, up to 2 hours, and 24 hours after injection (p.i.) of 200 mumol Fe/kg SHU 555 C (n= 6), ferumoxtran-10 (n = 6), or ferumoxytol (n = 6), using T2-2D-SE 100/20,40,60,80/90 (TR/TE/flipangle), T2*-3D-spoiled gradient recalled (SPGR) 100/15/38, and T1-3D-SPGR 50/1,7/60 sequences. RESULTS: Quantitative signal to noise ratio and DeltaSI data of arthritic knees on T1- and T2*-weighted MR images showed no significant differences between the 3 USPIOs (P> 0.05). At 2 hours p.i., SNR and DeltaSI data were significantly increased from baseline on T1-weighted images and significantly decreased on T2*-weighted images (P< 0.001). At 24 hours p.i., the T1-enhancement returned to baseline, whereas the T2*-enhancement remained significantly elevated (P< 0.001). Immunostains demonstrated an USPIO compartmentalization in macrophages in the arthritic synovium. CONCLUSIONS: Based on the relatively small number of animals in our study group, inflammation in antigen-induced arthritis can be equally detected and characterized with any of the three USPIOs evaluated. 
Invest Radiol 
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