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Saier, Tim; Cotic, Matthias; Kirchhoff, Chlodwig; Feucht, Matthias J; Minzlaff, Philipp; Glanzmann, Michael C; Schöttle, Philip; Imhoff, Andreas B 
Early results after modular non-cemented reverse total shoulder arthroplasty: a prospective single-centre study of 38 consecutive cases. 
This study evaluated the outcome of a third generation modular non-cemented reverse total shoulder arthroplasty (RTSA) in incongruent glenohumeral degeneration with severe rotator cuff deficiency.Thirty-eight consecutive RTSA with a mean age of 72 years (range 58-89 years) were prospectively enrolled. Mean follow-up was 24 months (range 21-29 months). Pain and standardized clinical functional scores were monitored. Radiographic and MRI findings have been scored and correlated to clinical outcome and complication rate.Preoperative pain decreased significantly from VAS 8 to 2 at 24 months postop., as ROM improved significantly, by at least doubling preoperative values of elevation, abduction, and external rotation. Nevertheless, internal rotation languished. The preoperative median constant was 18 points and 70 points 24 months postop. (p< 0.001). Initial median DASH was 95 vs. 50 2 years after surgery (p< 0.001). Median prospective ASES was 23 (IQR 8-33) vs. 70 points (p< 0.001) at final follow-up. Each outcome measurement improved significantly at 6, 12, and 24 months follow-up. There was no significant correlation between pre-operative radiographic findings of osseous and/or soft-tissue degeneration and short-term clinical outcome and/or complication rate (13 %). At final follow-up, 54 % showed radiographic signs of inferior scapular notching. There was no revision and/or loosening observed.RSTA with this modular system results in significant pain relief and improvement of functional clinical outcomes. However, longevity of the device is currently unknown. 
J Orthop Sci 
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