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Schneider, Jochen; Schenk, Philipp; Obermeier, Andreas; Fremd, Julia; Feihl, Susanne; Forkl, Stefanie; Wantia, Nina; Römmler, Franziska; Neu, Bruno; Bajbouj, Monther; von Delius, Stefan; Schmid, Roland M; Algül, Hana; Weber, Andreas 
Microbial colonization of pancreatic duct stents: a prospective analysis. 
The aim of the study was to analyze the microbial colonization rate as well as the spectrum and number of microorganisms in relation to the indwelling time of pancreatic stents.Forty pancreatic stents were prepared according to a standardized protocol and subsequently sonicated to optimize bacterial release from the biofilm on the stents.Two hundred forty-six microorganisms were identified. Thirty-nine of 40 stents were colonized with microorganisms. Aerobic gram-positive microorganisms (106/246 [43%]) accounted for the greatest proportion. The predominant microorganisms were Streptococcus species (46/246 [19%]), which were isolated from 27 (68%) of 40 stents. Stents with a short indwelling time (3-13 days) were mainly colonized with aerobic gram-positive bacteria (82%) and Candida species (63%). In contrast, anaerobes (P< 0.01, 69% vs 18%) and aerobic gram-negative microorganisms (P< 0.01, 93% vs 45%) such as Enterobacteriaceae (P< 0.01, 86% vs 27%) were significantly more present on stents with a long indwelling time (29-93 days), compared with stents with a short indwelling time.Microbial analysis of pancreatic duct stents revealed a very high colonization rate. Furthermore, the spectrum and number of microorganisms altered with the indwelling time of the stent. However, clinical relevance of our findings remains unclear. 
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