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Bannat, A.; Wallhoff, F.; Rigoll, G.; Friesdorf, Florian; Bubb, H.; Stork, S.; Mueller, H.; Schuboe, A.; Wiesbeck, M.; Zaeh, M. 
Towards Optimal Worker Assistance -- A Framework for Adaptive Selection and Presentation of Assembly Instructions 
Traditional systems for digital assistance in manual assembly, e.g. optical displays at the work place, are inherently suboptimal for providing efficient and ergonomically feasible worker guidance. The display of sequential instructions does not offer an increase in productivity beyond a certain degree. Little situational support and the resulting deterministic guidance lead to a reduced acceptance by the worker. A solution to this discrepancy is seen in an adaptive and cognitive system for work...    »
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Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Cognition for Technical Systems