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Textbeitrag / Aufsatz 
Fender, G.; Marburg, S.; Duddeck, F. 
On Decoupled Shape-Parameterization of Damping Layers using Polygons 
In order to reduce noise in a cabin, the radiated power of a surrounding structure is to be minimized by positioning damping layers on the panels that make up the structure. One aspect in every optimization task, the importance of which is not to be underestimated, is how to parameterize the system. By parameterization, the space of possible designs is chosen, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the optimization are greatly influenced. Parameters should be of minimum number, the parameter sp...    »
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620 Ingenieurwissenschaften 
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5th Conf. on Noise and Vibration: Emerging Methods (NOVEM) 
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13-15 Apr