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Hofauer, B; Bas, M; Strassen, U; Matsuba, Y; Mansour, N; Knopf, A 
[Liposomal local therapy of sinunasal symptoms in ANCA associated vasculitis]. 
GPA, eGPA and MPA constitute the group of AAV. ENT manifestations are part of the typical clinical picture of these diseases. Usually, patients are treated with systemic immunomodulatory drugs, mostly based on organ affection. In clinical routine, an insufficient decrease of sinunasal manifestations during a solely systemic therapeutic concept can repeatedly be -observed.Between February 2009 and November 2012, 20 patients with AAV were diagnosed in or referred to our department for further treatment. Clinical symptoms and manifestations were measured by the use of international accepted activity scores. The effect of a local therapy with liposomes for a period of 2 months on sinunasal symptoms was prospectively evaluated by using visual analogue scales and standardized questionnaires.Within the described collective 100% of patients did show ENT-symptoms at the time of initial diagnosis. Every patient did receive immunomodulatory therapy, but in 61.1% of cases there was just slight or no improvement on sinunasal symptoms. After a 2-month period of liposomal local therapy, a significant reduction of sinunasal complaints could be observed, both evaluated via visual analogue scales (p<0.001 to p=0.014, depending on the evaluated symptom) and standardized questionnaires (p<0.001).The local application of liposomes in addition to a systemic therapy is effective in alleviating sinunasal manifestations in patients with AAV. 
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