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Hiereth, KI; Hornburger, P; Eyer, F; Gerstenhofer, S; Schmoller, G; Pruckner, S; Kreimeier, U; Angstwurm, M; Kanz, KG 
The extended mSTaRT. Algorithm for mass casualty incident and hazmat management 
Any kind of mass casualty incident poses a tremendous challenge to emergency medical services regarding both material and human resources. The possible presence of hazardous materials on the scene aggravates such a severe incident significantly. Therefore a triage system should adequately address this problem without needlessly complicating the triage procedure. Following a tear gas assault in a shopping arcade in Munich, an expert group has identified and included this relevant aspect as an essential and necessary improvement to the new mSTaRT-Algorithm Trauma& Hazmat. The algorithm has come into effect as new official operational standard for all Munich fire and emergency medical services regarding mass casualty incidents. It covers the aspects of identifying the possible presence of hazardous materials, triage, emergency treatment and transport priorities. The recognition of a possible contamination as well as the appropriate reaction are implemented for each patient category. Moreover, the specific diagnoses of head trauma, inhalation trauma with stridor and possible intoxication have been included as part of the retriage procedure, taking evidence of recent studies into account. This new algorithm for mass casualty incidents adequately covers any possible contamination with chemical agents. 
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Notfall& Rettungsmedizin 
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Toxikologische Abteilung; Klinik für Unfallchirurgie