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Nieuwenhuizen, Jeroen; Eker, Hasan H; Timmermans, Lucas; Hop, Wim C J; Kleinrensink, Gert-Jan; Jeekel, Johannes; Lange, Johan F; PRIMA Trialist Group; Burger, C W; Verhagen, H J; de Jong, D; Klitsie, P J; Pierik, E G; Lases, S S; van der Ham, A C; Harlaar, J J; Charbon, J A; Leenders, B; Dawson, I; van den Berg, M; Harlaar, N J; Seiler, C M; Buchler, M W; Diener, M K; Schuhmacher, C; Mihaljevic, A L; Izbicki, J R; Neuhaus, A Kutup P; Laux, P Fikatas M Golling D; Fortelny, R; May, C 
A double blind randomized controlled trial comparing primary suture closure with mesh augmented closure to reduce incisional hernia incidence. 
Incisional hernia is the most frequently seen long term complication after laparotomy causing much morbidity and even mortality. The overall incidence remains 11-20%, despite studies attempting to optimize closing techniques. Two patient groups, patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm and obese patients, have a risk for incisional hernia after laparotomy of more than 30%. These patients might benefit from mesh augmented midline closure as a means to reduce incisional hernia incidence.The PRImary...    »
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BMC Surg 
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Chirurgiesche Klinik und Poliklinik