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Proneth, Andrea; Schnitzbauer, Andreas A; Zeman, Florian; Foerster, Johanna R; Holub, Ines; Arbogast, Helmut; Bechstein, Wolf O; Becker, Thomas; Dietz, Carsten; Guba, Markus; Heise, Michael; Jonas, Sven; Kersting, Stephan; Klempnauer, Jürgen; Manekeller, Steffen; Müller, Volker; Nadalin, Silvio; Nashan, Björn; Pascher, Andreas; Rauchfuss, Falk; Ströhlein, Michael A; Schemmer, Peter; Schenker, Peter; Thorban, Stefan; Vogel, Thomas; Rahmel, Axel O; Viebahn, Richard; Banas, Bernhard; Geissler, Edwa...    »
Extended pancreas donor program - the EXPAND study rationale and study protocol. 
Simultaneous pancreas kidney transplantation (SPK), pancreas transplantation alone (PTA) or pancreas transplantation after kidney (PAK) are the only curative treatment options for patients with type 1 (juvenile) diabetes mellitus with or without impaired renal function. Unfortunately, transplant waiting lists for this indication are increasing because the current organ acceptability criteria are restrictive; morbidity and mortality significantly increase with time on the waitlist. Currently, on...    »
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Transplant Res 
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Chirurgiesche Klinik und Poliklinik