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Judai, K.; Woerz, A. S.; Abbet, S.; Heiz, U. 
Chemical reactivity of free and supported metal clusters 
A review. Topics covered include: chem. reactions on point defects of oxide surfaces and chem. reactions and catalytic processes on free and supported clusters. Size-selected clusters in the gas-phase and supported on solid surfaces reveal distinct and atom- by atom size-dependent chem. properties, which differ in many ways from those of their bulk analogs. The efficiencies and branching ratios of chem. reactions can be changed by cluster size and the presented examples showed that the cluster's...    »
Catalysis Cluster structure Point defects Reactivity Surface (chem. reactivity of free and supported metal clusters) Clusters (metal chem. reactivity of free and supported metal clusters) review chem reactivity free supported metal cluster 
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CAN 142:141443 65-0 General Physical Chemistry Institute of Surface Science and Catalysis, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany. Journal; General Review 
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NATO Sci. Ser., II 
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Metal-Ligand Interactions 
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