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Judai, Ken; Abbet, Stephane; Worz, Anke S.; Ferrari, Anna Maria; Giordano, Livia; Pacchioni, Gianfranco; Heiz, Ueli 
Acetylene polymerization on supported transition metal clusters 
A review. The polymn. of acetylene, studied exptl. and theor. on nano catalysts consisting of nanoscale clusters of different size and elemental compn., is reviewed. As on bulk systems palladium is the most active transition metal for this reaction. More important, however, is the changing selectivity as function of size and elemental compn. As an example, palladium atoms, dimers, and trimers, as well as nanoscale copper clusters are highly selective for the cyclotrimerization reaction. In the c...    »
Cyclotrimerization Electron transfer Nanoparticles Pi bond Polymerization catalysts (acetylene polymn. on supported transition metal clusters) Cluster compounds Transition metal complexes Role: CAT (Catalyst use), PRP (Properties), USES (Uses) (acetylene polymn. on supported transition metal clusters) Dimers Trimers Role: FMU (Formation, unclassified), FORM (Formation, nonpreparative) (acetylene polymn. on supported transition metal clusters) review acetylene polymn palladium nano catalysis cycl...    »
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CAN 139:231004 35-0 Chemistry of Synthetic High Polymers Institute of Surface Chemistry and Catalysis, University of Ulm, Ulm, Germany. Journal; General Review 1381-1169 74-86-2 (Acetylene) Role: CPS (Chemical process), PEP (Physical, engineering or chemical process), PRP (Properties), PROC (Process) (acetylene polymn. on supported transition metal clusters); 7440-05-3 (Palladium) Role: CAT (Catalyst use), PRP (Properties), USES (Uses) (polymn. catalyst; acetylene polymn. on supported transit...    »
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J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem. 
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