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Shi, H.; Gutierrez, O. Y.; Yang, H.; Browning, N. D.; Haller, G. L.; Lercher, J. A. 
Catalytic Consequences of Particle Size and Chloride Promotion in the Ring-Opening of Cyclopentane on Pt/Al2O3 
Ring-opening of cyclopentane on alumina-supported Pt particles was studied as a function of Pt particle size in the presence of different Cl contents. With catalysts prepared from a Cl-free precursor, measured turnover rates increased monotonically with increasing Pt particle size (1-15 nm). On catalysts derived from a Cl-containing precursor, the turnover rates fell into two separate trends with the change of Pt particle size, depending on the extent of Cl removal by increasing thermal treatmen...    »
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 100NK Times Cited: 1 Cited Reference Count: 60 Shi, Hui Gutierrez, Oliver Y. Yang, Hao Browning, Nigel D. Haller, Gary L. Lercher, Johannes A. Elitenetzwerk Bayern NanoCat; U.S. Department of Energy [DE-AC05-76RL01830]; EMSL, a national scientific user facility located at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Hui Shi thanks the Elitenetzwerk Bayern NanoCat for a Ph.D. grant and financial support. The authors are indebted to Dipl.-Ing. Xaver Hecht for technical support and for conducting N2 physisorption and H2 chemisorption measurements, to Dipl.-Ing. Martin Neukamm for conducting AAS measurements, and to Ms. Ulrike Ammari for help with the Cl analysis. The authors also are thankful for the support from EMSL, a national scientific user facility located at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, which is operated by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Energy under Contract No. DE-AC05-76RL01830. We are also grateful to Dr. George D. Meitzner (Edge Analytical, Inc.) for his critical reading of the manuscript. 1 Amer chemical soc Washington 
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Acs Catalysis 
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