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Bruno, S. M.; Pillinger, M.; Kuhn, F. E.; Goncalves, I. S.; Valente, A. A. 
Isomerization of alpha-pinene oxide in the presence of methyltrioxorhenium(VII) 
The catalytic performance of methyltrioxorhenium(VII) (MTO) has been investigated for the first time in the isomerization of a-pinene oxide (PinOx) into campholenic aldehyde (CPA). The high isomerization activity of MTO is coupled with high selectivity to CPA: CPA yield of up to 87 
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ISI Document Delivery No.: 129ZS Times Cited: 0 Cited Reference Count: 35 Bruno, Sofia M. Pillinger, Martyn Kuehn, Fritz E. Goncalves, Isabel S. Valente, Anabela A. Kuhn, Fritz/A-3113-2010; Bruno, Sofia/F-1728-2010; Pillinger, Martyn/H-2639-2013; Goncalves, Isabel/H-3742-2013; Valente, Anabela/H-5922-2013 Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia (FCT); Programa Operacional Ciencia e Inovacao (POCI); Orcamento do Estado (OE); Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER); CICECO [PEst-C...    »
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Catalysis Communications 
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